This is Your New United Way


United Way has served communities for more than 100 years and the United Way of LaPorte County has served locally as a leader in LaPorte County by establishing deep roots, developing strong relationships, and bringing partners together to fight our community's critical issues.

In 2008, United Way addressed the changing social landscape across the nation and narrowed its focus to the three areas most essential to the wellbeing of a diverse population – health, education, and financial stability.

In 2013, United Way of LaPorte County piloted a new process, called collective impact, based on an integrated and collaborative structure that coordinates community-based health and human service efforts to advocate with a common agenda, pool resources, standardize measurement, share results, and avoid duplication.



United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in LaPorte County.

United Way of LaPorte County improves the lives of the people of LaPorte County by mobilizing the caring power of our community.



Our vision for LaPorte County is to create a framework that facilitates and empowers our community to solve its own problems through collaboration and common goals.


Our Plan

We will achieve our vision for LaPorte County by reducing duplication, sharing resources, and developing wraparound services that address more than just a single partner or program’s needs.

Using the process of reviewing needs assessments, hosting community conversations, and researching best practices, your United Way and our partners worked with local experts and their organizations to develop strategies to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life throughout LaPorte County. With this successful framework for working together to address our community's needs, we can adapted quickly, efficiently, and effectively to address local challenges and needs now and in the future.

United Way of LaPorte County brings a legacy of community and agency trust, valuable resources and information, and a transformational approach to this vital work.


Priorities and Initiatives

Our collective impact projects create pathways to success for our local youth, bring financial stability to adults and families, fight homelessness, and provide a safety net for our friends and neighbors in times of crisis.


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