My 2-1-1

United Way of LaPorte County supports 2-1-1, a free and confidential service that connects you to a community resource specialist in your area who can put you in touch with local organizations that provide critical services that can improve—and save—lives. 2-1-1 helps people all across North America find the local resources they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In LaPorte County, you can:

You’ll find information about: 

  • supplemental food and nutrition programs

  • shelter and housing options and utilities assistance

  • emergency information and disaster relief

  • employment and education opportunities

  • services for veterans

  • health care, vaccination and health epidemic information

  • addiction prevention and rehabilitation programs

  • reentry help for ex-offenders

  • support groups for individuals with mental illnesses or special needs

  • a safe, confidential path out of physical and/or emotional domestic abuse

Whether in times of natural disaster or personal crisis, 2-1-1 is committed to being the first, most essential resource to anyone who needs help. This is how we LIVE UNITED.

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card

Get the lowest price on your prescriptions with the FamilyWize card.

FamilyWise partners with nearly all pharmacies nationwide to negotiate prescription discounts, so you receive a lower price. FamilyWize understands you're looking to reduce the cost of your prescription medications, and our goal is to help you do that. The pharmacy discount card is for everyone nationwide, whether or not you have health insurance coverage.

According to a recent DrFirst survey, nearly half of consumers have abandoned a prescription medication because it was too expensive. That means 1 of every 2 people who have visited a pharmacy have walked out without their medication because they found it was too expensive at the register. FamilyWize is a prescription discount program that has helped over 13 million people since 2005. The organization has built awareness about prescription drug costs and savings by partnering with nearly 1,000 United Ways nationwide over the past 11 years. They offer a free card and mobile app as well as a handy Drug Price Look-up Tool that allows someone to find out the lowest possible price of their drug at nearby pharmacies.

FamilyWize saves the average person 45% on their prescription medication and is available to everyone across the country. There are no hidden fees or eligibility requirements. The program even works if you’re insured and are prescribed a drug not covered by your plan and need to pay out-of-pocket.

See your Medication's Cost

Rx costs vary by drug and by pharmacy, but using our Drug Price Lookup Tool, you can see how much your prescription will cost at the participating pharmacies near you. Take your prescription, along with our card or app, to a participating pharmacy and ask for the lowest possible price.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

VITA web_1.jpg

The VITA program offers free tax help to individuals, families, persons with disabilities, the elderly and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals. 

VITA appointments are available in January through April.
2019 availability and sign-up coming soon


Want to prepare your own taxes?

United Way has partnered with H&R Block to offer their premium online tax prep service, for free, to everyone who made less than $66,000 last year. Click here to get started.

Why use

  • Everyone whose household income was less than $66,000 in 2017 is eligible

  • It’s H&R Block’s Premium tax prep product, 100% accuracy guaranteed

  • Free federal and state filing (up to 3 states) are included

  • More forms are included than with any other free product

  • You can file easily either on desktop or mobile

  • Chat, phone, and email assistance from tax professionals is included

  • Life is short, and you shouldn’t have to pay to file your taxes